Photography Los Angeles

Poster for the Cranbrook Photography Department’s LA Show 💥 2019


Howlin @ the Moon, Growlin @ the Lighting 💥 2018
Electricity, plastic, lights, graffix, boys

Thesis Thesis Thesis

Monogram II 💥 2019
plastic, clay, bondo, cement, lights, vinyl, graffix, boys

Alyssa Klauer Alyssa Klauer Alyssa Klauer Alyssa Klauer

Book for painter Alyssa Klauer 💥 2019
Collaboration with Rory King

Book for artist Brock Oakley Ailes 💥 2019

Jova Lynne Poster Jova Lynne Poster

Paradise, Travel Agent 💥 2019
Poster series for Jova Lynne’s workshop sponsored by the Performance Art Initiative


Reggie 💥 2019
Illustration for Elliott Earls

Karen X Erik

Review of Karen Lee (written by Erik Magnuson) 💥 2018

Performance Art Initiative

Eater, Labor, Surveillance, Intimate, Ritual, Gut Poster for the Performance Art Initiative 💥 2018
Graffix, boys, socks

Saint Laurent annual report

Saint Laurent annual report 💥 2016

Libra Lounge Poster

TIP THE SCALES: Libra Lounge 💥 2018
Poster for Lorena Cruz & I’s bday party


That Dog Don’t Hunt 💥 2018
Plastic, wood, leather, vinyl, graffix, boys

Richie Rich painting

Unwitten 💥 2017
Acrylic on canvas and wood

Daniel Greenbreg Poster

Daniel Greenberg 💥 2019
Poster for Daniel Greenberg’s lecture sponsored by the Performance Art Initiative

cats cats

The Unfortunate 💥 2017
edition of 12

Sweet n Sassy painting

Sweet ’n Sassy 1 💥 2017
Collaboration with Shiya Wu
Acrylic on canvas, little sweetness (whoa), lot of sass

AIA booklet

American Institute for Architects catalog 💥 2016
Informational mailer for the AIA; Clown College Edition